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Propellent Advantages of heat exchangers

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1. Compared with other heat exchangers, the plate heat exchanger has a more compact structure;
2. It can carry out heat exchange at a temperature of 1 ℃, the design pressure is up to 40Bar, and the maximum capacity can reach 4500m3 / h;
3. Rich plate types, multiple angles, various groove depths, and different combinations form an ideal heat exchanger that is most suitable for the working conditions;
4. The plates are formed at one time, and high-precision molds are used to reduce the physical stress of the plates and improve the balance of the plates, greatly extending the service life of the plates;
5. Plate positioning system and unilateral flow design, as well as special clamping size identification, easy to install and take over, operation and maintenance;
6.Heat exchangers of different materials, such as plates made of stainless steel, titanium or other special alloys, to meet different industrial needs;
7. The plate is easy to access and inspect, which is convenient for manual cleaning. In many occasions, it can be cleaned by counter-current flushing. Daily cleaning does not take much time and does not require special training personnel;
8. All series adopt paste-free form, which reduces operation and maintenance costs and facilitates maintenance;
9. Thermal mixing mode, through changing the flow mode or increasing the number of flow channels, countless combinations can be achieved, from a single counter-current flow of two fluids to a multi-flow flow of three or more fluids. Designers provide more and more reasonable options to meet different process requirements;
10. The heat transfer and pressure drop can be adjusted. The combination of plates can be adjusted in the heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop to obtain the best heat transfer coefficient, thereby reducing equipment investment;
11. Economical type, because of its high heat transfer coefficient and easy installation and maintenance, the initial investment and operation and maintenance costs are greatly reduced.
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