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Welded plate heat exchanger

Product Introduction

      Semi-welded plate heat exchanger is made by laser welding with two plates along the seal groove, a phase plates are sealed by gaskets and fixed between fixed pressure plate and movable pressure plate in the form of superposition.


      It is advantages that one side is welding seal structure and the other side is a gasket seal to clean easily, there are two special corner gaskets to seal two phase plates on the welding side, so that the gasket consumption on welding side will be reduced to minimum.

Application Field:

      Semi-welded plate heat exchanger which is suitable for cooling and chemical treatment, is proper replacement for tubular and all-welded plate heat exchanger, especially, it applies to the steam and condensation of ammonia coolant and the chemical treatment process of corrosive liquid. It is mainly used in ammonia refrigeration, sulfuric acid, caustic soda, petrochemical, metallurgy, mechanical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial fields.

Our selection methods:      

      We will look for insights into your technology and have an effective communication with your engineer to settle down a perfect solution, this solution will be more accurate and apply to users’ working condition, it will be in favor of reducing purchase cost and energy consumption (water, electricity and gas).

     Our technical engineer can provide professional selection solution and drawings for our clients by calculation software according to users’ working condition, we will select fitting solution to give you stable and efficient service.

We will be more responsible for your working conditions to reduce your equipment procurement costs and energy consumption of your process operation(water, electricity, gas).

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