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Company introduction

Propellent, is the booster and leader of effective heat exchange technology in all industries.Our branch companied located in Beijing, Tianjin and Anhui province provide one-stop heat exchange technology services to industrial and enterprise users all over the world. Meanwhile, Propellent actively explore the global industrial market, we have achieved industrial heat exchange technology and finish turn-key projects in the African market such as Ethiopia, Zambia, guinea and Southeast Asian markets such as Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Also, we have realized heat exchange equipment sales in industrial markets of developed countries, such as  Germany, the United States, Hungary, the Czech republic.

Propellent can be able to offer a full range of heat exchange design calculation in full working condition. We have accumulated rich experience in heating, cooling and waste heat recovery for complex process mediums. Propellent never views separately in the selection of heat exchange equipment applications, but put it in the whole process production line, Therefore, we find the best balance to consider the whole initial investment in equipment and long-term operating costs. We optimize manufacturing processes of our clients and reduce the use of fresh energy to provide our customers maximum value when we find reasonable main points in high heat transfer efficiency and pressure loss.

We also offer abundant types of replacement parts for plate heat exchanger, these spare parts apply to international brands in all direction, such as Alfa Laval, GEA, APV, Sondex, Tranter, Vicarb, Hisaka, API etc, to meet our clients' demand all over the world.