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Basic principle of cleaning scale in plate heat exchanger

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In the foregoing, we have introduced the method of cleaning scales by Propellent plate heat exchangers. Today, Propellent popularizes the principle of cleaning plate scales by plate heat exchangers!

Basic principles of scaling removal
1) Dissolving effect: Acid solution easily reacts with calcium, magnesium, and carbonate scales to form soluble compounds, dissolving scales.
2) Peeling effect: acid solution can dissolve the oxide on the metal surface. Destroy the bond with scale. As a result, scales adhering to the surface of the metal oxide are peeled off. And fall off.
3) Air lift effect: After the acid solution reacts with calcium, magnesium, and carbonate scale, a large amount of carbon dioxide is generated. Carbon dioxide gas is in the process of spilling. For scale layers that are difficult to dissolve or dissolve slowly, it has a certain lifting force to make the scales fall off the heated surface of the heat exchanger.
4) Loosening effect: For scales containing mixed silicate and sulfate, because the oxides of calcium, magnesium, carbonate and iron are dissolved in the acid solution, the remaining scale will become loose and it is easy to be flowed by the acid solution. Wash it down.

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