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Extensive application and construction of plate heat exchangers

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Plate heat exchangers are widely used in hot and cold liquid heat exchange in heating and heating, bathing, air conditioning, hydraulic oil and lubricant cooling, chemical, pharmaceutical and other fields.

The basic principle of the plate heat exchanger is to transfer heat, that is, the heat of the hot fluid is transferred to the cold fluid on the other side through the heat exchange plate, so that the temperature of the hot fluid decreases and the temperature of the cold fluid rises. The hot and cold fluids flow in opposite directions on the two channels on both sides of the heat exchange plate. They are always in an isolated state and are not in contact with each other and mixed.

The structure of the plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of heat exchange plates, sealing rubber pads, clamping plates, guide rods, tightening screws and other components. The heat exchange plate is pressed and formed by a stainless steel plate. It has 4 flow passage holes on it, and the middle part is pressed into a V-shaped corrugation. Sealing grooves are pressed on the periphery and around the flow passage holes. The sealing groove is a sealing rubber pad. The heat exchange plates are positioned and aligned by two guide rods, and the two clamping plates have clamping screws to press the heat exchange plates and the sealing rubber pads together to form a heat exchange channel in the inner cavity of the heat exchanger. V-shaped corrugations of adjacent heat exchange plates are installed in opposite directions, and the contact points support each other.

Compared with other types of heat exchangers, the plate heat exchanger has high heat exchange efficiency, low price, light weight, small space occupation and convenient installation and removal. However, the heat-resistant temperature is low, and the pressure is small.
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