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How to install the "Plate Heat Exchanger Unit"?

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1. Preliminary preparation
(1) Installation basic engineering inspection
The operator needs to check the installation foundation of the heat exchange unit according to the installation design drawing and technical plan. The main inspections are: the installation dimensions of the reserved unit, whether the anchor bolts meet the installation requirements, and whether the surface of the embedded plate meets the standards.
(2) Unit approach inspection
Operators carefully check the relevant information of the unit and accessories according to the drawings and technical plans, and carry out the acceptance of the equipment and accessories.
(3) After the acceptance is passed, the storage of the plate heat exchange unit equipment must be done to ensure the quality of the equipment.
2. Installation practice
(1) Equipment cleaning
Before installing the heat exchange unit, the operator needs to clean up the oil and mud on the surface of the equipment.
(2) Check and seal the openings in the equipment
(3) Installation
The operator needs to check the direction and position of the nozzle of the unit, the center line and the position of the center of gravity according to the drawings, and install the unit with the anchor bolts after the takeover is completed.
3. Matters needing attention
(1) The unit can be directly placed horizontally on the indoor concrete foundation and fixed with anchor bolts;
(2) The placement of the heat exchange unit must pay attention to the direction of the pipe and be easy to operate, and leave an operating space around;
(3) The connecting pipe connected to the unit shall be cleaned up before installation before taking over.
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