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Removable plate heat exchanger



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Product Introduction

    Plate heat exchanger, a kind of new and highly efficient equipment, with a series of corrugated and stacked iron plates which exchange heat, there are some thin rectangular channels between plates, the heat exchanger was sealed and helped direct flow by gaskets , Plate exchangers are perfect equipment which exchange heat by liquid-liquid and liquid-gas, they are apply to exchange heat by general-medium for all domains ,such as gas-liquid and liquid-liquid, Meanwhile, the temperature of general-medium is less than 180℃ and the pressure of general-medium is less than 2.5MPa.

Our Plate Advantages:

    Our plates of heat exchangers are more than 18 series and 40 models, there are 1 to 6 types of plates each series which have same width ,angular aperture and different length. Each types of plates divide into wide-angle and small-angle according to plate pattern, in order to adapt different fluid medium, each types of plates divide into shallow slot ,deep groove and deeper groove to apply to different working conditions. heat transfer performance and flowing property of plates are different because the width, length of plate ,the depth of groove and angular aperture are also different, the plates can meet your demand to assemble all kind of plate heat exchangers, Our abundant types of plates will make users to find best-match equipment according to your working condition.

Our Selection methods:

    We will look for insights into your technology and have an effective communication with your engineer to settle down a perfect solution, this solution will be more accurate and apply to users’ working condition, it will be in favor of reducing purchase cost and energy consumption (water, electricity and gas).

   Our technical engineer can provide professional selection solution and drawings for our clients by calculation software according to users’ working condition, we will select fitting solution to give you stable and efficient service.

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