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The basic funcation of each component of the plate heat exchanger

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Plate heat exchanger is a compact device, with characteristic of easy to install and disassemble, and also  more convenient in cleaning and maintenance. The plate exchanger is composed of a variety of parts.

1.support column
Support column support the weight of the heat exchanger, so that the whole plate heat exchanger becomes one unit.
2.movable cover
The movable cover is used in pair with fixed compression plate. It can slide on the upper guide bar for disassembly, inspection and maintenance.
3.carrying bar & guide bar
The bar bears the weight of the plate, and ensure that the installation of the plate sliding between them. The guide bar is usually longer than the heat exchanger plate pack, in order to loosen the compression bolt to slide the plate inspection.
4.Sealing gasket
Sealing gaskets prevent fluid mixing or leakage, and make it in the distribution of different plates, that should be using different rubber materials according to different media. Materials: nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, fluorine rubber, etc.
5.Heat transfer plate
Plates provide media flow path and heat transfer area, the plate patern is normally made into herringbone. The plate materials are not the same  in accordance with the different fluid media,mostly made of stainless steel and titanium. 
6.fixed cover
Fixed cover is not in contact with the fluid, using the clamping bolts to tight the gasket to ensure sealing.
7.tightening bolt & tightening nut 
To press the plate pack, making the plate heat exchanger as a complete unit and ensure sealing.

Any of the above components play a vital role in the heat exchanger. In the heat exchanger maintenance and overhaul process, if these parts are damaged, that should be replaced in time, otherwise it will seriously affect the normal use of the heat exchanger.

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