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the internal leakage treatment methods of plate heat exchanger

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1. Shut down for maintenance: When there is internal leakage occure the heat exchanger should be shut down immediately. Turn off the pipeline for media supply firstly, then empty the plate heat exchanger internal media. And then disassemble the plate heat exchanger, find the reason of internal leakage.

2. Replacement of sealing gasket: the gasket should be replaced in time when the sealing gasket is damaged, use the appropriate spare parts to replace. Ensuring that the rubber gasket is installed in the correct position to avoid leakage.

3. Repair cracks on the heat exchanger plates: check whether there are cracks on the plates, that should be repaired promptly if there cracks. Specialized sealant or welding technology can be used to deal with this problem.

4. Intensive the operation and management: Intensive the operator training, standardize the operation process, to avoid improper operation caused by the plate for internal leakage. Regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the plate exchange are required to extend the service life of the equipment.

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