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Application of "plate evaporator" in fermentation industry

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The fermentation industry is a very broad industry in the light industry. The fermentation industry includes food additives, medicines, biological agents, condiments, alcohols, chemical products, etc. Its products are mainly organic acids, organic acid salts, sugar alcohols and functional proteins. Plate evaporator has also been more and more widely used in the fermentation industry.
Processes such as fermentation broth concentration, fermentation product extraction, and fermentation wastewater treatment all require the use of evaporation or evaporation crystallization devices.
Common plate fermentation evaporation processes are: single-effect evaporation, multi-effect evaporation, TVR evaporation, MVR evaporation and combined evaporation-crystallization process.
When the plate evaporator is used in the fermentation industry, due to its large production scale in the industrial field, energy saving and consumption reduction are required. Many manufacturers will choose to use three-effect or four-effect evaporation. When the efficiency number continues to increase, the equipment cost is higher, and the operating cost is not significantly reduced, and the time for the material to flow through the equipment is also longer.
The materials in the fermentation industry are mostly organics and organic acid salts, with a relatively low boiling point rise and many heat-sensitive substances. Therefore, the fermentation evaporator is suitable for MVR plate evaporation and crystallization devices.
Fermentation evaporation generally adopts PLC control system, distributed control structure, modular structure connection, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It can automatically monitor and control parameters such as stirring, temperature, PH, defoaming, feeding, pressure, flow, sterilization and other parameters.
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