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Treatment method for leakage of plate heat exchange unit:

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First of all, when we purchase this heat exchange equipment, we must ensure that the quality and appearance of the equipment are qualified, and understand what kind of heat exchange medium this equipment is suitable for, because normal plate heat exchange units are It is only applicable to water and water used in heating systems, not to high temperature steam and water. If plate heat exchange equipment is required, we must consider supporting the use of desuperheaters for automatic temperature adjustment. If we experience leakage during normal use, we should adjust the unit to a pressureless state, and then re-clamp the device according to the clamping size provided by the manufacturer. The clamping size and edge distance must be the same to maintain Force balance of equipment.

Secondly, the plate heat exchange unit has stricter requirements on the circulating medium, because its structural form and performance are destined not to use corrosive circulating medium, because normal plates and sealing rubber pads are not resistant to corrosion. We must choose the heat exchange equipment in combination with our actual situation, but if there is a leak in the normal medium, we must make relevant markings, and conduct the own detection of the surrounding parts where the leak occurs.

Finally, we found in the process of using the heat exchange equipment that it is because of the long use time and the shape of the plate and the sealing rubber pad have changed. We must timely and better reassemble the plate heat exchanger accessories. It is worthwhile. The problem to pay attention to is that the same version and rubber pad must be selected to ensure the normal use of the device.
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