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Finned tube heat exchanger

Product Introduction

      Finned tube heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchange equipment most widely used in gas and liquid. To achieve the purpose of strengthening heat transfer, the fins with horizontal and vertical are added in the surface of base tube. Although there are many forms of physical structure, the basic structure is made up of parallel plate and assembled plate bundle consist of various forms of fins. It is generally made of aluminum alloy. So it has compact structure, high coefficient of heat transfer and heat transfer area per unit volume of is up to 2500 ~ 4000 m2 / m3.


      Finned tube heat exchanger is applies and equipped with fins on one side to increase the heat transfer area, improve the degree of turbulence in the fluid and the convection heat transfer coefficient when two fluid convection heat transfer coefficient has large difference.

Our selection methods:      

      We will look for insights into your technology and have an effective communication with your engineer to settle down a perfect solution, this solution will be more accurate and apply to users’ working condition, it will be in favor of reducing purchase cost and energy consumption (water, electricity and gas).

    Our technical engineer can provide professional selection solution and drawings for our clients by calculation software according to users’ working condition, we will select fitting solution to give you stable and efficient service.

We will be more responsible for your working conditions to reduce your equipment procurement costs and energy consumption of your process operation(water, electricity, gas).

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