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Treatment of the leakage of plate heat exchanger

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A in the non pressure state, re clamp the equipment according to the clamping size provided by the manufacturer, the size shall be uniform, the deviation of the pressing size shall not be greater than ± 0.2N (mm) (n is the total number of plates), and the parallelism between the two pressing plates shall be kept within 2 mm;

B. mark the leaking parts, disassemble the heat exchanger one by one, and reassemble or replace the gasket and plate;

C. disassemble the heat exchanger and repair or replace the deformed parts of the plate. In the absence of spare parts, the deformed parts can be temporarily removed and reassembled for use;

D. when reassembling the disassembled plate, clean the plate surface to prevent dirt from adhering to the gasket sealing surface.

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