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Propellent Welded plate heat exchanger

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The welded plate heat exchanger is a heat exchange device that is sealed by welding at a certain interval by a plurality of corrugated heat transfer plates. When the plates are assembled, the two groups are alternately arranged, and the plates are sealed by welding. The inside of the plates is a herringbone corrugated plate, which enables the fluid to form a turbulent flow at a low flow rate to enhance the heat transfer effect. The two heat exchange media flow into the respective flow channels, forming a countercurrent or cocurrent flow through each of the plates for heat exchange.

Features: (1) small size, small footprint;

(2) high heat transfer efficiency;

(3) low metal consumption;

(4) The heat loss is small;

(5) withstand pressure and high temperature;

(6) The heat transfer efficiency is slightly worse than the detachable plate heat exchanger;

(6) Compared with the detachable plate heat exchanger, it is not detachable, and the design area is in the early stage. If the production capacity increases or the usage increases in the later stage, it is impossible to add the area to the heat exchanger, and only the entire equipment can be replaced.

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